Friday, 11 September 2015

State, Religion and Ethno-Regional Politics

State, Religion and Ethno-Regional Politics

An interesting article written by Prof, Bereket Habtesellasie on March 1, 2010 at

He touches upon:

- Nation-State and Nationalism: A Historical Perspective
- Nationalism in Eritrea
- Religion and State- A Delicate Dialectical Relation
- State and Religion in Eritrea
- Problematic Coexistence in Ethiopia
- Muslim Christian Coexistence in Eritrea
- Muslim-Christian Relation in the Armed Struggle
- Isaias and Muslims in Independent Eritrea
- The Mufti
- The Christian Churches
- Isaias and the Eritrean Orthodox Church
- The President and the Patriarch
- Ethno-Regional politics
- Tigres and Tigrignas
- When Things Fall apart
- What is to be done

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