Friday, 30 November 2018

a 2018 Book: Postliberation Eritrea

Postliberation Eritrea, a book by Tekle Mariam Woldemikael, Asefaw Bariagaber, Victoria Bernal, David M. Bozzini, Amanda Poole, Jennifer Riggan, Gaim Kibreab, Dan Connell, Georgia Cole, Magnus Treiber, Milena Belloni, and Michael Woldemariam, 2018


  • -          Introduction:
  • -          Globalization, Imitation Behavior, and Refugees from Eritrea
  • -          Civil Society and Cyberspace: Reflections on Dehai, Asmarino, and Awate
  • -          The Catch-22 of Resistance: Jokes and the Political Imagination of Eritrean Conscripts
  • -          Ransoms, Remittances, and Refugees: The Gatekeeper State in Eritrea
  • -          Imagining Emigration: Debating National Duty in Eritrean Classrooms
  • -          The Nexuses between Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in the Light of the Indefinite Eritrean National Service
  • -          Eritrean Refugees at Risk
  • -          The International Community's Role in Eritrea's Postliberation Phase of Exception
  • -          "Eritrea" in Switzerland's 2015 Election—A Missed Chance for Dialogue between Politics, Social Work, and Refugees
  • -          "Why don't you move onwards?": The Influence of Transnational Ties and Kinship Obligations on Eritrean Refugees' Feeling of Being Stuck in Italy
  • -           Making of an African "Pariah": Eritrea in the International System
  • -          Conclusion: Eritrea's State of Exception and its Broken Mirror

And can be read at the following link

Thanks to Katharina Strehler for sharing