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A 1934 School Certificate of the late Dr. Yassin Aberra

A 1934 School Certificate of the Late Dr. Yassin Aberra

Dr. Yassin Aberra was assasinated by the EPLF death squads at about 6 pm. in front of his house, on 31st January 1991 (26 years ago, this day), just 4 months before the liberation of Eritrea, a cause that he and his family had paid dearly to. I am sharing this certificate on the occassion of this sad day, with the kind permission of Jelal Yassin.

اغتيل الدكتور ياسين أبره من قبل فرق الموت للجبهة الشعبية  ، في مثل هذا اليوم ،في  يوم ٣١ يناير ١٩٩١ (قبل ٢٦ عامام) وكان ذالك أمام منزله حوالي الساعة ٦ مساء، عند عودته من صلات المغرب. ، وكان ذالك قبل ٤ أشهر فقط تحرير إريتريا، وهوالتحريرالذي دفع فيه وعائلته  ثمنا باهظا .  هذه شهادة مدرسية للفقيد عندما كان طالب في الصف الأول 
English translation
Page 1
Governorate of Eritrea
Central Directory of Primary Education
Boys School: Asmara
School Certificate
Pupil: Yassin Mohammed
Son of: M. Aberra Hagos       and  Amina Mohamed
Class: Primary
School Year: 1934

Page 2
Subjects written in the certificate: (Not all were taught in Grade 1),
Marks given in the 1st , 2nd and 3rd Semester
Religion, Songs, Design and Calligraphy, Reading and Reciting, Spelling, Italian Language, Arithmetic and Accounting, Other subjects, Geography, History, Science, Law and Economy concept, Conduct, Hygiene, Arabic, Tigrinya
Page 3
Final Result
Signature of the Head Teacher: S. Gaetana Berreta
Signature of the Head Master: Filippi V.N. Concetta
Page 4 (as attached)

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