Friday, 26 January 2018

A collection of articles on the Oromo

A collection of articles on the Oromo

Sociocultural Origins of the Oromo National Movement in Ethiopia:

Conquest, Tyranny, and Ethnocide against the Oromo: A Historical Assessment of Human Rights Conditions in Ethiopia, ca. 1880s–2002

The Struggle For Knowledge: The Case of Emergent Oromo Studies , a1996 article by Asafa Jalata

"Taking the Oromo as historical actors, the emergent Oromo studies identify some deficiencies of "Ethiopian studies" that primarily focus on the Amhara and Tigray ethnic groups and their rulers, and ignore the history of the Oromo people....."

The article can be assessed here:
Islam, the orthodox Church and Oromo nationalism (Ethiopia):


Haile Selassie and American Missionaries: Inadvertent Agents of Oromo Identity in Ethiopia:

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