Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In the mind of Dictator Isaias Afwerki - A rare interview 1996

In the mind of Dictator Isaias Afwerki: This is an English translation of a rare interview of Isaias with Hwyet Magazine on his personal life, upbringing, hobbies that gives insight into his mind set. The interview was translated and published by the then, 'The Eritrean Exponent' Magazine, Vol. IV, No. 1, April - June isuue 1996. The Editor was Saleh A.A.Younis

Asked about what other interests (besides politics) that brings him satisfaction, he mentions that by nature he hates politics. About his interests he names poetry, sketching among other things; Asked if he envies the life of an ordinary citizen, he mentions 'If this was a world where justice reigned, a world without turmoil, a world without oppressors and oppressed; I would have neither have wished nor contemplated the world of politics'..I would be happy to step out of my current circumstance, it is a matter of conscience and philosophy'; Asked if there was time he was driven to tears, he responds, 'I can not recall a particular incident..when it come to emotions, I am not skilled at acting'; If he had a vision when he joined the armed struggle, he states' Perhaps throughout his life - I had qualities that helped me discern right from wrong'; on writing the history of Eritrea, he mentions that Eritrean history is peerless and adds 'If all our history was written and prepared, would the new generation find time to read it'; On what has enabled him to be an able reader, he mentions political work is the easiest work and that he does not believe he has a political ambition, on his youth days he states that he was a quiet, reserved person who did not like chatting and the that he viewed silence as wealth and much more


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