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مقتل الشهيد عبدالقادر كبيرى في عام 1949م on the assasination of martyr Abdukader Kebire

Some details on the assasination of martyr Abdukader Kebire 1949
مقتل الشهيد عبدالقادر كبيرى في عام 1949م

Here is a summary of the notes written by the Grand Mufti, the late Ibrahim Al Mukhtar Ahmed Omer on the assassination:

There were many attempts to get rid of him. The martyr was great concern to the elements loyal to Ethiopia due to previous  contact with them and he was very knowledgeable  of their plans and their methods. He had written a number of articles in the newspapers. Therefore there were many attempts to kill him and get rid of him, especially after they learned of the decision of the Muslim League to send him to the UN. Many dignitaries have warned and advised him to take be cautious and prudent, but he was indifferent to the dangers that surrounded him, but he always said, 'I will die only the day that are destined to me.' Before his assassination he had survived several bomb attacks. One time they went to his farm in Filfil, vandalized it and looted all the livestock there.

How he was killed:
Based on the decision of the Muslim League to send him as a member of a delegation to UN, he was preparing for the trip. The other members of the delegation were Ibrahim Sultan (the Secretary General), Mohamed Osman Hayouti  (from the Massawa branch) and Ibrahim Mohammed (from the Adi Kaieh branch).
On the night of his assassination, he was at the hotel of Calipha Aberra woth his companions discussing matters of travel to the UN. He left them 9 pm to go to his home. The criminal was following him in Calleri street and and when he got the right opportunity he shot him with a pistol among the crowds of passers by. He was transferred to the government hospital in Asmara, where he was operated by senior Italian surgeons, but that does not help save his life. He died on 29th of March 1949 at 9 pm, on the third night after his injury.

Police investigation on the assassination revealed that the criminal who shot him and his collaborators were following his foot steps. They parked four cars at each corner of Calleri Street so that the criminal can escape in any one of the cars. When kebire reached a dim part of the street, the criminal shot him and the criminal was made to escape to Ethiopia. Kebire was the first victim of the ‘Mahber Andinet’ terrorist activities. Following the police investigation, the British Governor General issued a decree on the 6th of April 1949 to dissolve the party and confiscate all its properties. The police searched the headquarters of the Andinet party and its hiding places and found there a list of the Muslim League leaders that were targeted for assassination. The Muslim League issued a strong statement condemning the assassination and stated that those involved were few who were at the service of forces who are against the Muslim League. It called on all Muslims to close their shops and on all schools to close the day he died. He was buried in a big procession.

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