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Some articles on the Bilin Language مقالات عن لغة البلين

مقالات عن لغة البلين

Because encroaching diglossia from Tegrä and/or Tegreñña resulting in the gradual subititutionf Bilin by these languages has been observed in the area of Sänhit, the present contribution is directed towards examining speaker status health and death and disseminating general and specific information on the causes and effects of language shift in Eritrea using Bilin as a case in point... This essay examines Bilin linguistic interaction with Tegrä and/or Tegreñña speaking populations, investigates the tremendous expansion of Tegrä and/or Tegreñña, and the social and economic provisions which may have led to a rapid increase in the Tegrä and/or Tegreñña speakers and hence caused the linguistic and cultural absorption of the Bilin, and discusses the linguistic and cultural elements that contribute to Bilin language drift and shift in the context of the cultural character of language and identit


Blin Orthography (spelling system): A History and an Assessment by Paul D. Fallon

The language policy of the Eritrean government is to encourage mother-tongue education for native speakers of each of its nine ethnolinguistic groups through primary school (Chefena, Kroon and Walters 1999). When this was implemented for the Blin in 1997, the government provided Blin curricular materials in the language using a new Roman-based alphabet. This overturned a 110-year tradition of writing Blin in Ethiopic script. This paper will focus on the history of writing in Blin, and examine the linguistic and sociolinguistic factors of each writing system


Some Phonological Processes in Bilin by Paul Fallon:


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