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A 1984 publication by Marxist-Leninist (ML) Core in the TPLF

When the TPLF was TOO RED
A 1984 publication by Marxist-Leninist (ML) Core in the TPLF
Some highlights:
Pre-TPLF Ethiopia: The civilization of Axum which thrived in what is now Tigray and some outlying areas was one of the most slave societies of the time and the fall of Axum around 10th century AD was also the fall of slavery as a social system; Yohannes IV was regarded as a feudal lord; Ethiopia emerged as a full-fledged empire at the end of the 19th century.
ML & its relations with other Ethiopian forces: The TPLF had the ML since its inception and it passed a resolution in the TPLF First Congress in 1979, to make it legal for the vanguard elements and communist cadres (both in the army and mass organizations) to organize openly at a higher level and make necessary preparations for that. It stated that the Proletariat is the leader of the revolution and that the peasants were its core. At the beginning of 1980 the writings of Enver Hoxha’s , the Chair of the Albanian Communist party that was anti-Maoist and anti-Soviet Socialism, found its way to the TPLF and the ML since adopted his line; the ML was against the Tigray Liberation Front (TLF), which it accused as narrow Tigrinyan nationalist, it was also against the EPRP (Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party), All Ethiopia Socialist Movement (Meison), and Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU). It rooted them out of Tigray one after the other and became the sole power in there.
Regarding the Eritrean Peoples’ struggle: It considered it a colonial question and just, but it stated that there is a need for a genuine proletarian leadership, if the Eritrean people struggle was to result not only in national liberation, but in social emancipation, as well.

It also supported the Palestinian struggle against Zionism and Imperialism


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