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How the colony of Eritrea was of interest to American Commerce 1920

ERITREA: A Red Sea Italian Colony of Increasing Interest to American Commerce 1920

A 1920 Report by Addison E. Southard. American consul at Aden, Arabia, on the commercial status of the Italian Red Sea colony of Eritrea, prepared with special reference to the development of American trade. The report is based on observations made by Mr. Southard during his three and one-half years' service as consul at Aden, supplemented by a personal visit to all important trading centers of Eritrea. The report was submitted to the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Washington,  on August 31, 1920.

"The Italian colony of Eritrea has recently become an important factor in Red Sea trade, and its promising future in the commerce of this district gives a definite and timely interest to a discussion of its possibilities both as an import and as an export market. Indications are that the Eritrean port of Massaua will be the principal port for the rich trade of northern Abyssinia and the entrepot for an important trade with the Arabian Red district. A great deal about Eritrea has been written and published in the Italian language, but it does not appear that there has been any reasonably comprehensive discussion in English of the commercial possibilities of the colony. This report is based upon personal investigations conducted by the Aden consulate, supplemented by statistical and other data made available by the progressive Government of Eritrea."

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