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Letter of Tigrê representatives of Eritrea submitted to the Four Power Commission 1947

Letter of  Tigrê representatives of Eritrea submitted to the Four Power Commission for the Investigation of Former Italian Colonies  
Keren, 25 November, 1947

With due respect, we the undersigned, legal representatives of all races (Tigrê) of Arabic origin, dwelling in the provinces of Keren, Nakfa, Agordat, Tessenei, have the honour to submit this letter to the Hon. Four Power Commission so that it may be examined and brought to the attention of the DEPUTIES OF THE FOREIGN MINISTERS OF THE FOUR GREAT POWERS, in order to have full justice from the United Nations, justice which has been proclaimed and confirmed by the Atlantic Charter of the United Nations.

We represent almost the entire Moslem population of the western provinces of Eritrea, that is about 95% of the population consists of our so-called "Tigre or Arabs", who speak local dialect.  In spite of this we have no right to hold political posts, nor do we enjoy equality with the so-called noble class, known under the name of "Thanit"; we are forced to plough our land in order to give food to these noblemen; we milk our cows to supply them with milk; we collect fire-wood to keep them warm;     we draw water from the wells to supply them with drinking water; we are also forced to supply them with beasts of burden and we transport their luggage for them without any remuneration; not even a word of' thanks; when we marry our daughters to them we have to offer them a present, otherwise the marriage is not valid. Our position is worse than any form of slavery, a form that not even the Nazis have given the world, while they are being accused of the ill-treatment of humanity, humanity created partially by God, with all the organs of the body and the senses of man.

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