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أشرطة فيديو تاريخية من السودان Historic videos from the Sudan

أشرطة  فيديو تاريخية من السودان

Historic videos  from the Sudan

ذكرى إستقلال السودان

Sudanese independence 1956:

ذكرى إستقلال السودان - لمحة وفاء - ولاية الخرطوم


وثائقي من قناة الجزيرة

ثورة ٢٤ اكتوبر ١٩٦٤ السودان

A relevant story to us, on how the Sudanese elites failed their people by failing to manage their ethnic, regional and political diversity and brought the Sudan where it is today. Some political forces conspired to support the dictatorship in 1958 and others joined in when the got some interests. The dictator appointed himself as Chancellor of the University and appointed a President for the University for the first time, when it was through elections. The Students objected.

When Hassen Al Turabi who was the Dean of the Law Faculty was asked about the Southern problem, he stated it was due to lack of liberties which was also in the North, that they were equally oppressed and that if the dictatorship is toppled so will the southern problem be resolved. Just like some politicians tell us now that if the dictator goes, everything will be resolved.

President Abboud visting the UK 1964, he was deposed 5 months later
زيارة الرئس عبود الي انجلترا ١٩٦٤


When president Abboud visited the USA and met President Kennedy 1961زيارة الرئس عبود الي الولايات المتحدة وقابل كنيدي

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