Sunday, 25 October 2015

How to dig into the unique archive of photographs of Società geografica italiana

How to dig into the unique archive of photographs of Società geografica italiana (Italian geographic Society) that contains about 150,000 photos since 1867. It contains photos from Eritrea as old as 1890. It also contains old photos from Ethiopia and Somalia in the region as well as many other countries

كيفية البحث في أرشيف فريد من الصور من (الجمعية الجغرافية الإيطالية) الذي يحتوي على حوالي 150،000 الصور منذ عام 1867. وهو يحتوي على صور من إريتريا قديمة منذ 1890. كما أنه يحتوي على الصور القديمة من إثيوبيا والصومال في المنطقة فضلا العديد من البلدان الأخرى

Few days ago some one asked where do I get the old pictures of Eritreans cities and towns that I have posted. As I most of the time, if possible, indicate the source of the materials I post, I have indicated that they were from Società geografica italiana. There are many sources of materials on Eritrea if one searches the net in an appropriate way. 

You can search for pictures using different search attributes, particularly for those fluent in Italian, This is just to show how you can use the archive, using 'Asmara' as a 'Titolo proprio' (probable title)  and using 'Eritrea' as a  'Stato' (country):

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