Monday, 6 February 2017

The Eritrean Liberation Front: Its Emergence, Development and Demise, 1960-1981

The Eritrean Liberation Front: Social and Political Factors Shaping Its Emergence, Development and Demise, 1960-1981, a 2014 Master thesis by Michael Weldeghiorghis Tedla

My personal comment is that it is difficult to do an objective research in Eritrea on the ELF from inside Eritrea. The writer has written very little on the demise of the ELF. The reasons are much more complex. You can not one to criticize 'Nehnan Elamanan' or talk about the unholy EPLF/TPLF aggression on the ELF. His presentation is more or less with the EPLF/PFDJ narrative. Whatever the shortcomings of the study, it sheds light on some aspects of our armed struggle and thus worth reading,

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