Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A historical background about the Bet Maala tribes نبذة تأريخية عن البيت معلا

نبذة تأريخية عن البيت معلا

موقعة من نظار أل محمود، أل حماسين، أل أبوحشيلا، أل عد يعقوب

A short historical background of the Bet Maala tribes, one of the components of the Beni Amer, who live both in Eritrea and Eastern Sudan. The document was signed by the chiefs (Nazirs) of Al Mahmoud, Al Hamasein, Al Abu Hashela and Al Ad Yacoub. As to the name Hamasein, the documents states those were descendents of one of the sons of the forefather who married a Jeberti woman from Hamasein and thus that branch is named Bet Maala Hamasein


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