Monday, 8 May 2017

When the ill fated National Development Campaign (NDC) was launched May 2, 1998

When the PFDJ launched the ill-fated National Development Campaign (NDC) in 1998 just few days before the Badme War. It was to begin on 29th April,1998 and was supposed to end on the 28th May, 1998. About 50,000 youth participated in it, BUT IT NEVER ENDED. After a series of armed incidents in which several Eritrean officials were killed near Badme on the 6th of May, 1998,  a large Eritrean mechanized force entered and occupied Badme and refused to leave. Ethiopia declared war on the 13th of May and on June 5, the Ethiopian Air Force launched attacks at Asmara Airport and the Eritrean Air Force retaliated by attacking Mekelle, and a full fledged war broke out


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