Saturday, 21 March 2015

Old video: Italians moving the remains of Italian soldiers killed at the battle of Adwa to Adi Quala

An old Italian video film that shows how Italians moved the remains of Italian soldiers killed at the Battle of Adwa to Adi Quala                                                                       

Picture: Wikipedia

Details of the film:

10-the Group stops in the area occupied by the troops from Ethiopia;11-the caravan parades in front of the Governor;12-men resume their March towards Adi Quala.13-Gasparini and Eritrean troops parading between two wings of the natives;14-Eritrean troops affiliated to Italian Army have weapons in honor of the fallen;15-the funeral ceremony in honor of the fallen officiated by pro Vicar Apostolic;16-the religious ceremony ends with absolution and blessings of mortal remains;17-a light aircraft flying at very low altitude;18-the transfer of mortal remains of fallen continues on the streets of Adi Quala.19-an Italian flag flies atop a building [probably the Governor];1-Long caravan to the passage of the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, near Adi Quala: marciano together African and Italian Italian army aggregates [most likely Ethiopians];20-Italian and indigenous troops wait in recollection;21-the caravan leaves the town and continues off-road;22-the row of camels with load of crates containing the remains of the dead in battle;23-ascari deployed in meditation before the crates;24-the Governor of the colony and other Italian officers in uniform reaches the area where they were gathered Tomb chests;25-Gasparini mounts to horse and salutes before leaving;2-some of the men proceeded on horseback;3-many of the natives, wrapped in white cloaks, they are walking with bayonets on their backs;4-row of camels from soma;5-the caravan walking on sandy knolls and stops in a clearing;6-the camera delivers the crates containing the remains of Italian soldiers and officers who died in the battle of Adua [the shots to make swings hard cracking images];7-among the natives wrapped in white cloaks a child;8-arrival of a posse of ascari on horseback and with the insignia of lance [this is, most likely, of Eritrean ascari] together with Italian officers ride and the Governor of Eritrea Jacopo Gasparini;9-open the group a bearer of the flag of the Italian Kingdom.At Adowa Italian troops suffered a disastrous defeat in the clash with the Ethiopians: remained dead on the 4000 between Italian officers and soldiers and about 2600 ascari. The documentary shows the transport of mortal remains at Adi Quala in Eritrea.

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