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Picture: Haile Sellasie taken to prison 1974 اخر صورة تظهر المبراطور هيلي سلاسي ١٩٧٤

Picture taken at the 'Red Terror' martyrs museum in Addis
The tragedy in the third world is that when a dictator deposes another dictator, he (not she, so far) treats the former leader in disrespect. The same fate awaits him afterwards, when his time comes. No one can deny that the Eritrean Revolution contributed greatly in bringing down the demise of the Lion of Judah.
اخر صورة تظهر المبراطور هيلي سلاسي يتم اخذه للسجن في ١٢ سبتمر ١٩٧٤ في سيارة سائقه الخاص. سبحان الذي يعز من يشاء ويزل من يشاء   . اعلنت وسائل اعلام الدرق انذاك انه توفي لأسباب طبيعية  نتيجة ضيق في النفس في يوم ٢٧ اغسطس ١٩٧٥, وهي رواية مشكوك فيها. وقد وجد   رفاته مدفونا تحت دورية مياه في القصر الملكي عام  ١٩٩٢ وتم دفنه في جنازة رسمية عام ٢٠٠٠

After his arrest, Emperor Haile Sellasie  (1892 - 1975) is being forced to ride in his chauffer' small Volkswagon on the 12th of September, 1974.  On August 1975, the state media reported  that the "ex-monarch" Haile Selassie had died on 27 August of "respiratory failure" following complications from a prostate examination followed up by a prostate operation, but other believe he may have been strangled to death. In 1992 Haile Selassie's remains were discovered, buried under a toilet in the Imperial Palace. In November 2000 the late emperor received a proper burial when his body was laid to rest in Addis Ababa's Trinity Cathedral.
And his last words:

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